Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

***This is a debut novel for Brandon Mull. I guess everyone wants to jump on the fantasy bandwagon since the success of Harry Potter. Actually this is a pretty imaginative book. Kendra and her brother, Seth, are sent to stay their grandparents' estate while their parents go on a trip. It turns out to be a very enlightening six weeks as they learn the estate is enchanted. Some of the magical creatures are pretty tame, but there is truly danger lurking everywhere. The book tells how the two children learn the secret of Fablehaven and how they cope with the dangers of Mid Summer's Eve. Seth is the adventuresome one who gets into all kinds of trouble while Kendra always plays it safe, which in the end turns her into a true hero. This is a great book for yound adults but there are some dark and scary characters so it's not great for small children. Look for the sequel coming in 2007. Rating: 3.75
Orange Blossom Goddess (aka Heather) said...
For some reason the premise of this story makes me think of when I was a child and my grandparents backyard. It the end of the yard there was a line of cedar trees and raspberry bushes and I would imagine I was an adventure maven...chopping my way through an enchanted forest!


6:15 PM
booklogged said...
uuuuww. . . "coping with the dangers of Mid Summer's Eve." I want to find out what that's all about. Is this YA and fast to read? I think I would like it.

3:10 AM
Framed said...
It is a YA book and a fairly fast read.

6:41 PM
nessie said...
I love reading YA books if anything because it always me a playing field of discussion for children who I wouldn't normally get a long with. I love fantasy so thanks for the heads up. Never even heard of this author anymore.

3:18 PM
Anonymous said...
I hope you have persmission from Orson Scott Card for using his image on your blog. Copywrite infringement isn't cool.

11:43 AM
Anonymous said...
Perhaps you're new to reading, but your comment "everyone wants to jump on the fantasy bandwagon since the success of Harry Potter" shows an extreme ignorance of the entire history of the genre. HP is just the most wildly successful contribution to a long-standing tradition of fine writing.

11:47 AM
Framed said...
1st Anonymous: Thanks for reminding me of copywrite rules. It never crossed my mind but will certainly be more careful now.
2nd Anonymous: You are absolutely right. I've been reading fantasy fiction for years, just didn't classify them in my mind.

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