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Enna Burning by Shannon Hale

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

**I'm so glad Carl V is hosting a fantasy challenge so I had a good excuse to take a break from the A to Z list. (Actually, I needed to get a book from the library for my "U" Title, and "Enna" was just waiitng nicely on the shelf.) You can read more about the challenge by cliciking on the link on my sidebar.
**What can I tell you about "Enna Burning"?
1. Shannon Hale is a fantastic author with beautiful prose.
2. The characters are delightful, including the bad guy.
3. The story keeps you enthralled.
4. The descriptions and use of the language are as entertaining as the story itself.
I could go on but enough. This novel is a sequel to "The Goose Girl." which I absolutely loved. It takes place two years later and involves Enna, a Forest Girl, who learns to speak to fire. The story tells about the war between Bayern and Tira, and how Enna becomes involved with her unusual talent. Of course, there is always a danger when one plays with fire, as Enna soon learns. I was also moved by the deep friendship between Enna and Isi. This book is a little darker than "The Goose Girl" which is somehow fitting. I look forward to reading the sequel soon.
Rating: 5
Posted by Framed at 7:33 PM

Alyson said...
I haven't read this one yet, but I really enjoyed The Goose Girl and plan to read this one someday.
8:20 AM
Melissa said...
I was mildly disappointed with this one. While it was good, it wasn't nearly as intriguing as Goose Girl. Still, I'm glad you liked it.I just picked up River Secrets at the library. Another continuation of the story. I have high hopes...
11:31 AM
Cassie said...
I'll be excited when I have time to read this series. Who knows when that will be.
8:26 AM
Kailana said...
I haven't read her at all yet. I plan to read The Goose Girl after I finish the book I am reading, though.
6:08 AM
Framed said...
I did like the Goose Girl better but this one is great as well.
10:42 AM
Erin said...
This is my favorite of the Bayern books. :)
11:30 AM
jenclair said...
I'm really going to have to try some of Hale's books. I've been disappointed in all of the children's/YA books I've read lately.
6:18 AM
Carl V. said...
I'm glad you enjoyed it. She also has Princess Academy which, I'm told by my wife, is very good. It is a stand alone book that is not set in the Bayern universe.
7:48 AM
Framed said...
Carl, as a true Hale fan, I actually own "Princess Academy." I just haven't read it yet. Someday. I've even pre-ordered "Austenland."
8:11 PM
Quixotic said...
I loved The Goose Girl, and I have this one on my shelf to read. Look forward to getting to it, and the rest of Hale's books!!
4:39 AM
Nymeth said...
I have not yet read anything by Shannon Hale, but she definitely sounds like the kind of author I'll love.
11:18 AM
Chris said...
I really need to get around to this book! Everyone keeps saying such great stuff about it.
5:34 PM

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