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Montana Sky by Nora Roberts

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

This novel follows the line of other Roberts books that I have read (granted I haven't read a lot under the name of Roberts): very predictable romance, too many sexual encounters you see a mile away (good if you like to skip them as I do) and some type of mystery. Jack Mercy dies and leaves his ranch to his three daughters who have never met, with the provision they all have to live on the ranch for a year. This is especially galling to Willa, who grew up on the ranch trying to win her father's love and respect. During this year, a psycho killer is on the loose, and of course, all three sisters fall for handsome rugged cowboys. There is a twist in the mystery, but it still ends on a flat note. Roberts does a credible job of describing the beauty of Montana, and the book is a light, easy read.
Rating: 2
My suggestion--skip this book and read "Random Harvest" by James Hilton, instead.
Posted by Framed at 9:24 PM

booklogged said...
I'll follow your suggestion and skip this one.
9:14 PM
nessie said...
I read this one a million years ago and was like whatever. I agree with it being skipable. The title is corny but the only roberts worth reading is Sweet Revenge. A great read!
10:36 PM
Framed said...
Thanks, Nessie. If I feel in the mood for a Roberts romance, I'll look for that one.
11:33 PM
Judy said...
I'm not a big Roberts fan (I know, I know... that's almost blasphemy in some circles, but she head-hops too much for me). HOWEVER, I read one of hers recently I REALLY enjoyed: "Northern Lights" You might want to check that one out. The mystery in that one is pretty good.
6:12 AM

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