Sunday, May 27, 2007


The Trouble with magic by Madelyn Alt

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Madelyn Alt's first novel of the "Bewitching Mystery Series" is a cozy easy read. Maggie O'Neill is a well-brought-up Catholic girl, now late twenties, who tends to be a bit rebellious. She is fired from her boring office job and falls into a job as a clerk at an antiques shop. Her boss, Felicity, just happens to be a witch. (Yes, one of those benign, earthy, intuitive types) Maggie's first day of work starts with the murder of Felicity's sister and events tumble into place from there. It turns out that Maggie has some buried extra-sensory skills herself that aid in solving the crime. The story also involves a very fine-looking detective (sparks fly when he arrests Felicity) and a very fine-looking male witch. Which one ends up with Maggie?? You don't find out in this book, maybe the next one. I find this novel to be a light, fun, and humorous book. It didn't tax my brain at all, the mystery is only so-so, and the ESP a little far-fetched, but I enjoyed it and will probably continue with the series.
Rating: 3.5
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booklogged said...
Sounds pretty good. I think one of these months I'm going to read nothing but mysteries. Who knows when.
9:03 PM

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