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River Secrets by Shannon Hale

Sunday, May 06, 2007

4th Once Upon a Time Challenge

River Secrets is the last of a triology that Hale wrote about the land of Bayern and its neighboring countries. One of these neighbors is Tira who has been at war with Bayern. This novel tells about the efforts of leaders to create a lasting peace by sending ambassadors to the opposite country. As part of the group sent to Tira from Bayern, Razo cannot understand why he was selected since he has no noticable talents and is really quite small. Many feel it is because of his close friendship with Queen Isi (Book One-The Goose Girl) and her lady-in-waiting, Enna (Book Two-Enna Burning). We soon learn of Razo's unique qualifications as he finds he has quite a bit to contribute. As always, Hale's writing is flawless, her characters well-drawn, and the story contains both drama and humor. It is proably my least favorite of the three stories, but still a wonderful book.
Rating: 4.75
Posted by Framed at 5:58 PM

booklogged said...
Why didn't I read this one when I was reading all the other Shannon Hale books? Who knows, but I need to find time to squeeze it in.
5/06/2007 9:29 PM
Nymeth said...
I really need to start reading Shannon Hale.
5/07/2007 7:43 AM
Melissa said...
I find it fascinating the different reactions people can have to the same book. If I had to rate the trilogy, I'd put Goose Girl first, River Secrets second and Enna Burning third. So, the question is: why is it your least favorite?
5/07/2007 1:05 PM
Framed said...
Melissa, probably because I read it quite quickly after Enna Burning and it just seemed quite similar. Not quite the same sense of wonder.
5/08/2007 9:50 PM
Stephanie said...
Oh great....another trilogy to add to the list!! Looks like a good one though!

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