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Sky Burial by Xinran

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"X" Author
Xinran is a journalist who, in 1994, met an old woman with an incredible story. Sharing that story with Xinran resulted in this fictionalized version of Shu Wen thirty-year odyssey as a Chinese woman in the harsh highlands of Tibet. In 1958, after 100 days of marriage, Wen's husband, a doctor, is reported by the army as being killed while on duty in Tibet. Unbelieving, Wen, also a doctor, joins the army and requests an assignment where she can search for Jijun. Through a series of events, she ends up living with yak herdsmen for almost thirty years. Eventually, they help her with the search and she learns the ultimate fate of Jijun back in 1958. While I learned some interesting things about both China and Tibet, the actual story seemed very slow to me. (Keep in mind that I had just read "Outlander") The title page calls it "an epic love story of Tibet," but the love story is not very compelling or epic. Other than the fact that this actually happened to her, I was not pulled into the events of Wen's thirty years. I am glad to have my "X" Author and Title finished.
Rating: 2.75
Posted by Framed at 6:06 PM

booklogged said...
I think I may have liked it a little more than you, though I remember it wasn't the best book I've ever read.
6:51 PM
Tristi Pinkston said...
Thanks for the blog -- it always saves me time to read your comments because then I know whether or not I want to try something!
1:06 AM
sally906 said...
I really enjoyed this book - I read it for an A-Z challenge in 2005. She has written some other books too - I remeber thinking I should search them out at the time :)
4:51 AM
John Ottinger said...
I thought you might be interest in the New Notions 5 reading challenge.
11:03 AM

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