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The Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am certainly a fan of Shannon Hale and "The Princess Academy" only enhanced my enjoyment of her work. This is a great novel for young teens and teaches some valuable lessons about finding your potential and realizing your worth. Also, there is a great plug for the value of education. Miri is very small for her fourteen years and is not allowed to work in the quarry with the other villagers. Ths restriction makes her feel worhtless and a burden to the others. Then word comes that the next princess of the kingdom is to be chosen from the firls of her village. But first, the twenty girls, including Miri, must be educated and trained before they can compete for the Prince's affections. The girls are taken from their families and put into a harsh and exacting learning environment where they learn to read, dance, converse, even diplomacy. Soon these lessons and Miri's leadership skills take a bunch of argumentative and competitve girls and help them form a cohesive group that eventually enhances the value of the village itself. As always, Hale's descriptions are breathtaking and her characters fascinating. This is probably my favorite of all her books, and I loved the Bayern series. A definite must-read for young girls and pure entertainment for all. Rating: 5
Posted by Framed at 8:08 PM

Cassie said...
This was my first Shannon Hale read and I too loved it. I thought it was so interesting and I love the heroine.
8/22/2007 9:23 AM
Booklogged said...
I can't decide which is my favorite. The tie is between Goose Girl and Princess Academy. It's nice to come across books like these.
8/22/2007 5:56 PM

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