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The Wizard of Ooze by David Farland

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Disclaimer: I can't believe I forgot this book was on my 2nds Challenge and not to be read until October. It just caught my eye when I was deciding on what to read next. I believe I'll replace it with Tess Gerritsen's "The Surgeon." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Review: David Farland's first book in the Ravenspell series, "Of Mice and Magic," was a delightful, funny fantasy involving a young female mouse wizard, Amber, and her ten-year-old human familiar, Ben, whom she has turned into a mouse. "The Wizard of Ooze" continues the story of these two mice and their friends as they face as new threat to the world in the form of a 12-foot Wyoming Thunder worm named Sebaceous Ooze. If the name doesn't gross you out (it did me), his creations--slobber goblins and snot spiders--may. Ooze has the evil intention of destroying the world by unleashing the powers of the inner earth. This is to accomplished by mesmerizing mice to dig a giant whole into the inner core and releasing a huge volcano. Any creatures remaining will be slimed to death. Amber also wants to take over the world in order to make it safer for mice and their friends. But first, they have to destroy Ooze and free the millions of hypnotized mice digging under a mountain in Wyoming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**I enjoyed the character of Thorn the most. Amber has magically turned him into a mouse smarter than Einstein with incredible results. There is a slight romance going on with Amber and Ben. Amber thinks Ben is the handsomest mouse she has ever seen but, as a ugly, hairless human, quite repelling. Ben has seen Amber as a lovely young girl, but can't fancy her as a mouse. Quite the conundrum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**This book was a disappointment to me. While wildly creative,it didn't have the charm and humor of the first book, and the worms and slime were just disgusting. I'm sure younger readers will absolutely love the grossness. The two books together cover only the space of a week and there's a lot going on in Book Two. So, in addition to the slime, I got a little confused. The big question is: will Ben ever become human again? Rating: 3

Booklogged said...
Too bad it was disappointing. I was planning on reading this one, but I think I can safely pass it up and find something more worthwhile. Thanks, Framed.

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