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Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I read this book for the 2nd's Challenge. It continues the story of Clair Randall who mistakenly falls through a time portal in Scotland two hundred years earlier. This book tells us the story through Claire's words as she relates her experiences to her daughter and a friend in 1970's Edinburgh. Again, it is a great romantic love story. Most of the time, the bond between Claire and the Scottish laird, Jamie Fraser, is beautiful and believable. There were times when it did get a bit treacly, and I skipped the sex scenes. As in the first book, Jamie seemed too good to be true especially for a 22-year-old Scots who was raised in a much cruder and male-dominated society. Still, Gabaldon conveys a good sense of the way people lived in 18th century Paris and Scotland. All in all, it was a fun travel through time.
Rating: 4
Posted by Framed at 9:10 PM

Cassie said...
I don't know when but I will read this series some day. The books are somewhat daunting looking but if it's got romance then I am all in for that.
11/07/2007 9:28 AM
Carrie K said...
I enjoyed the series but DG seems to have abandoned Claire & Jamie. When she finishes the series, I'll read the last few books.
11/07/2007 1:27 PM
Booklogged said...
Treacly - that's going to be one of my new words. Jamie does seem too good to be true, I guess that's why he's such a dream. They are quite the hefty books, aren't they? I have book 4 but who knows when I'll get to it.
11/07/2007 2:34 PM
gautami tripathy said...
I have this book somewhere. All lost and forgotten. Yet to read. Now I will search for it and read. Thanks for your review!

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