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The Cat Who Dropped a Bomb by Lillian Jackson Braum

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I listened to this book on my way to Salt Lake and back on Sunday. Like the rest of the "Cat Who" series, the mystery takes a back seat to the interplay and oddities of the inhabits of Moose County, "400 miles north of everywhere." There's a lot of strange people up in those woods. Not to mention a couple of extraordinary cats. The story revolves around the planning and exeuction of those plans for Pickaxe City's 150th year celebration. Jim Qwilleran, of course, is totally involved and manipulates things with a light hand. Whenever funds are needed, the K Foundation is ready to cover expenses. The actual murder happens quite near to the end of the book and is solved almost immediately, so you can see it is only incidental to the book. Even so, reading or listening to these books takes very little time or thought. When you want an amusing, light read, pick this one up.
Rating: 3

Posted by Framed at 8:41 PM
SuziQoregon said...
My husband and I use this series for road trip listening. We giggle about it being dangerous to live in Moose County, particularly if you help Jim Qwilleran ;-)

We haven't listened to this one yet.

12/06/2007 8:54 AM
Booklogged said...
I like listening to these stories, too. Qwilleran is a great character.

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